IN PHOTOS: 2016 Global Street Paper Summit day one

From a captivating speech by Yanis Varoufakis to an emotional INSP Talks, day one of the Global Street Paper Summit in Athens was a true success.

Here is how the day went in pictures.

INSP posters at Ethniki. Photo by Zoe Greenfield

Colourful INSP posters greeted delegates in the morning as they arrived at the Ethniki Conference Centre in Athens.

Street Papers from all over the world. Photo by Alison Gilchrist

Piles of street papers from our global network gave delegates something to browse through as they entered the venue yesterday.

Delegates at round table on first day of summit. Photo by Alison Gilchrist

A roundtable discussion on how to get the most out of the summit, in particular how they could find out more about keynote talks and sessions.

Yanis Varoufakis speaking at INSP Summit. Photo by Alison Gilchrist

Our morning kicked off in style with Yanis Varoufakis, who spoke to a room full of captivated delegates. They had an opportunity to pose questions to the former finance minister and the whole Keynote was streamed live on our Facebook page.

Mixalis (Middle) and Lambros (R) snapping a selfie with guest speaker. Photo by Mixalis Samolis

During lunch Shedia vendors Mixalis and Lambros took a quick chance to grab a selfie with top Greek video journalist and photographer Nikolia Apostolou. Stefano Lampertico from Scarp de’ Tenis and Dimitri Koutsomytis from =Oslo also joined in.

Images of our other self exhibition. Photo by Alison Gilchrist

We were thrilled to have an exclusive exhibition showing for the duration of the summit in the Onassis Cultural Centre. Delegates had the opportunity during lunch to wander around ‘Images of our other self’. The photos were taken by Shedia vendors back in 2013 when they were handed a camera and told to capture city life from their perspective, alongside something that makes them smile, angry or sad.

Delegate gather for INSP Talks 2016. Photo by Zoe Greenfield

In the afternoon delegates from street papers all over the world gathered eagerly awaiting the very first INSP Talks.

Steven Persson from The Big Issue Australia at INSP Talks. Photo by Alison Gilchrist

Steven Persson from The Big Issue Australia kicked off INSP Talks 2016 in the Onassis Cultural Centre. The short Ted Talks style event was thought provoking, inspiring many of our delegates. Steven discussed his latest project Homes for Homes, a new solution for Australia’s housing crisis.

Jessica Hannon from Megaphone in British Columbia, Canada talked about homeless deaths in British Columbia at INSP Talks 2016. She explained her street paper’s launch of Let’s Change the Story on Homelessness campaign. It was an emotional speech for Jessica and many in the audience, as she explained the tragic death of Anita Hauck who was homeless.

Bastian Putter from Bodo in Dortmund at INSP Talks. Photo by Alison Gilchrist

Bastian Putter from Bodo in Dortmund, Germany talked about the street papers project ‘Welcoming Dortmund’s New Citizens’ at INSP Talks. He explained that the project aims to unite local resident with marginalised the Roma population.

Cynthia Hellen at INSP Talks. Photo by Alison Gilchrist

To conclude our INSP Talks, Peruvian-American social entrepreneur Cynthia Hellen gave an emotional and inspiring speech to our delegates about the importance of sustainable and ethnical social entrepreneurship to help the world poorest. You can find more about INSP Talks here.

Wei-Ying Wang and Shih-Ching Chan from The Big Issue Taiwan. Photo by Alison Gilchrist

Wei-Ying Wang and Shih-Ching Chan from The Big Issue Taiwan pose in front of the INSP screen at the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens.

Dinner was once again was a roaring success with delegates tucking in to a delicious selection of what Athens has to offer. There will be many a greek salad to be had in the coming days!