How street papers are celebrating #VendorWeek2015

In the first week in February, street papers around the world will take part in #VendorWeek, a huge celebration of street paper vendors that also challenges perceptions of poverty and homelessness.

#VendorWeek 2015 takes place 2-8 February with an international programme of events, activities and social media action planned by street papers in the UK, America, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Guest vendor events

The #VendorWeek Big Sell is INSP’s flagship fundraising event during February. It sees
high profile people take on the challenge of selling a street paper, mentored by one of the paper’s hardworking regular vendors.

In partnership with INSP, The Big Issue UK and The Big Issue in the North will hold #VendorWeek Big Sell fundraising events in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester.

The Big Issue Australia will once again run their CEO Selling campaign, in which 100 business leaders and politicians take up the street paper selling challenge.

Similar #VendorWeek Big Sell events are also being planned by Greece’s first street paper Shedia in Athens, Hus Forbi in Denmark, Washington DC’s Street Sense, One step Away in Philadelphia and Swiss publication Surprise in Basel, Bern and Zurich.

One Warm Winter

German street paper Strassenfeger will once again run their ‘One Warm Winter’ campaign to coincide with #VendorWeek. The fundraising drive asks the public to donate money to supply warm winter clothes for the Berlin’s street paper vendors and culminates in a party for vendors.

Vendor events

Many vendor-focused events are also being organised to mark #VendorWeek. Austrian street paper Kupfermuckn will hold a portrait painting workshop exclusively for vendors to help them unleash their creativity. Afterwards, they will be treated to a party with music, food and drink.

To reward their vendors for all their hard work, American paper Homeward Street Journal are giving each of their vendors a free bundle of papers, which they would usually pay for at a discounted rate, to sell during #VendorWeek so they can earn more money.

A special Skype call to connect vendors in America and Canada is also being planned by Street Roots in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver street paper Megaphone.

Vendors and staff of Quebec street paper L’Itinéraire are planning a special promotional event during which they will read the magazine out loud in Montreal’s subway cars. Vendors will also denounce austerity measures taken by the Quebec government with silent protests in different subway stations.

Social Media

INSP is leading the way to promote the event on Twitter and Facebook using #VendorWeek. This includes a mass tweet to celebrate street paper vendors around the world on 2 February, using crowdspeaking network Thunderclap. Everyone can join in here.

Many of our member street papers also plan to harness the power of social media during #VendorWeek. Street Roots will tell the story of the street paper movement through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by sharing images and quotes from street paper vendors worldwide.

Macedonian street paper Lice v lice will share stories about their most successful vendors on their website and via social media.

Zeitschrift der Straße, a street paper based in the German city of Bremen, will use its blog and Facebook to share daily posts about international street paper magazines throughout #VendorWeek 2015.

#VendorWeek 2015 takes place takes place 2-8 February. Keep up to date by following @_INSP on Twitter and #VendorWeek.