Designer boost for Homeless World Cup from social business T-shirt firm

Homeless World Cup fans can proudly display their support for the life-changing tournament on their chest this summer after the launch of two designer T-shirts.

The bold designs come from Hopeful Traders, a social business clothing brand that champions homeless artists.

Ten percent of the price of each T-shirt bought will go to the Homeless World Cup Foundation to support its work with grassroots organisations that use football as a catalyst for global change.

Homeless World Cup founder Mel Young told INSP he was thrilled with the special Glasgow 2016 designs, which mirror the red and black logos of both the Homeless World Cup and Hopeful Traders.

“The story of Hopeful Traders felt like a terrific fit with the work of the Homeless World Cup since both encourage homeless people to use their skills and passions to work towards a better future,” he said.

“My message to our supporters is always to do small things. This collaboration is a great example. Buying one t-shirt may feel like a small gesture, but if we all do something small, we’ll change the world.”

“Buying one t-shirt may feel like a small gesture, but if we all do something small, we’ll change the world.”

Hopeful Traders launched in December 2015 to offer a platform for artists and designers who have experienced homelessness to showcase their work.

But the ethical clothing brand is also keen to support organisations that share its goal of helping homeless and formerly homeless people lift themselves out of poverty.

Founder Charlie Wright says he was introduced to the Homeless World Cup by formerly homeless artist David Tovey, whose popular designs were among the first to be featured by Hopeful Traders.

“One of the core aims of Hopeful Traders is to support other organisations doing important work to better the lives of others and create positive social impact,” said Wright.

“The work the Homeless World Cup does is so incredible and far-reaching. The confidence and support players gain from participating in these tournaments really can help change their lives.”

The 2016 Homeless World Cup kicks off in the heart of Glasgow on 10 July. Over seven days, 48 men’s and 16 women’s teams from around the world will compete on specially constructed pitches in the city’s George Square, cheered on by thousands of spectators.

Last week, anticipation for the Homeless World Cup’s return to Scotland was raised with the release of an artist’s impression of the tournament grounds in Glasgow’s George Square – bathed in sunshine.

Artist's impression of Homeless World Cup tournament grounds in Glasgow's George Square this July.

INSP Chief Executive Maree Aldam said she was thrilled that the event will take place in Glasgow, just around the corner from INSP’s headquarters.

“Our whole team is very excited to be so close to the action this year,” she added.

“The Homeless World Cup has a close history with INSP, having been conceived at our INSP summit in Cape Town 15 years ago and many of our street papers still have close links with their country’s teams.

“It will be fantastic to welcome many of our international colleagues, vendors and their teammates to a – hopefully – sunny Glasgow!”

The special edition T-shirts are priced at £22 each and can be purchased online or at the Hopeful Traders’ pop-up stall in Camden Market, London.