Homeless couple’s wedding makes the front page

A homeless Danish couple said they hope to show that anyone can find love and happiness, after their wedding day made it into local and national media this summer.

Gilbert and Cappella Fricke – better known to their friends as ‘Teddy and Catfish’ – both sell popular Danish street paper Hus Forbi.

Gilbert and Cappella Frick talking to the media following their wedding ceremony in Vejle, Denmark. Photo: Mette Kramer Kristensen

The magazine’s editor Poul Struve Nielsen reported on their big day and the story was featured on the cover of the street paper – which is Denmark’s most-read monthly publication.

Held on a balmy June day in the Danish town of Vejle, this was no conventional wedding. The groom rode a bike to the ceremony wearing his new Hus Forbi vendor uniform and the couple was uncertain where they would be spending their wedding night.

On the morning of the wedding, 21-year-old bride-to-be Cappella gave Poul an insight to the life she shares with her groom.

“Since I started living with Gilbert, we have been homeless,” she said. “It’s pretty hard to live the life that my husband and I live.

“We find that there are some good-hearted people who help us, and there are some that just look down on us. Right now we have got some help. We’ve pretty much had the wedding donated.”

Photos by: Credit: Mette Kramer Kristensen and Poul Struve Nielsen

38-year-old Gilbert has been homeless since 2012. He is a former long-distance lorry driver, but lost his license due to alcohol problems four years ago.

He started selling Hus Forbi following a recommendation from a friend.

He said: “I hope to show other street paper vendors that even if you have a hard life, you can be happy and love may come your way.”

Following the ceremony, local press were waiting to chat to the newlyweds. To the delight of the couple, a collection was raised by friends and guests to pay for their wedding night in one of Vejle’s best hotels – with breakfast included.