Hinz&Kunzt to celebrate 25th anniversary with pop-up restaurant staffed by Hamburg’s best chefs

A cooking craze seems to be spreading across the street paper community, with staff and vendors, from Canada to Denmark, heading into the kitchen to put their cooking skills to the test. For their 25th anniversary, German street paper Hinz&Kunzt is doing something similar, by opening a pop-up restaurant in the centre of Hamburg to benefit its efforts empowering homeless people.

Kunzt Kitchen, which will be hosted at chef Lutz Bornhöft’s Cook-Up Gallery, will be open for bookings from 4 April, with a team of Hinz&Kunzt staff and vendors serving up dishes.

What makes Kunzt Kitchen something special is that the Hinz&Kunzt volunteers will be joined in the restaurant by the cream of the Hamburg culinary scene, with a different famous local chef leading a team of cooks each evening to come up with a delicious and exciting three course meal.

Just some of the big names already confirmed to get involved include Italian Anna Sgroi, whose eponymously named Michelin star restaurant has been a staple for Hamburg diners since 2013, and famous German TV chef Tim Mälzer, amongst many others.

The restaurant is being planned in association with Clubkinder, an organisation that assists with setting up charitable projects, and its founder Jannes Vahl, a big supporter of Hinz&Kunzt, thinks that food is the perfect way to bring people together for a good cause.

He said: “Eating and drinking together is such a positive and emotional thing. With or without alcohol, whether it’s noodle soup or Edelsuppe, it’s all about getting together, looking people in the eye and having a pleasant evening.”

The street paper’s editor, Birgit Müller, agrees: “At Hinz&Kunzt we often cook, and in the past we have published a number of cooking magazines. Cooking unites rich and poor so well. That’s how we hope the Kunzt Kitchen will work.”

From left to right: Jannes Vahl, Hinz&Kunzt's Sybille Arendt and Lutz Bornhöft. Credit: Mauricio Bustamante

In the spirit of inclusion and affordability, each day that the restaurant is in business will be split in half. At lunchtime, Kunzt Kitchen will serve a basic, pay-what-you-can, lunch; while in the evening, a full three course set menu, priced at 30 euros, as well as one or two other dishes, will be prepared by that day’s in-house celebrity chef.

“We have all been asked to work in the kitchen and to wait on tables – our Hinz&Kunzt vendors as well as members of our team,” says Müller. “Naturally we are excited: it’s a great opportunity to work together and get to know everyone. It’ll be a great adventure.”

Kunzt Kitchen is open at Weidenallee 27, Hamburg from 4 to 28 April

Translation courtesy of Edward Alaszewski