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The shocking story of a child soldier
featured in The Big Issue in Zambia.

· While dumpster diving may sound like a bizarre new sport, a recent article by Hinz & Kunzt shed light on this new stand against food waste, which is growing popular amongst conscientious Germany consumers.

The story proved popular with other street papers in Germany and was republished by Bodo and FREIeBÜRGER. An English version of the story was also picked up by the American street papers Streetvibes (Cincinnati) and the Denver VOICE.

· A shocking interview with a former child soldier in Burundi engaged readers in Zambia. Six years after the civil war ended, many of the under-aged fighters are still haunted by their experiences. The Big Issue Zambia ran the feature, including powerful images, in its latest edition.

· Readers in Germany learned about a helpline for Japanese earthquake survivors through a story from colleague street paper The Big Issue Japan. Following the disaster that left over 20,000 people dead or missing, the grief of the tens of thousands of survivors often went unnoticed. Family members and relatives were left in an extremely vulnerable state, often feeling like they had to face the world alone.

The Big Issue Japan article features Life Link, a charity which runs a help line for suicide prevention, originally aimed at those who had experienced suicide in their families.