HEMPELS’ Jo Tein is honoured by German Government

Jo Tein, the founder of HEMPELS street paper in Keil, Germany, is to be awarded the ‘Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany‘, the highest tribute that can be paid to individuals for services to the nation.

The award is to recognise achevements including the founding and developing of HEMPELS, the organization of the 1st German street soccer championships, the co-founding of “Anstoss – German association for social integration through sports” as well as the co-founding of other social initiatives, and the successful installation of day shelters for street-people with alcohol problems in Kiel (this concept is new in Germany – accepting alcohol abuse, offering help only on request and employing poor and homeless people as experts in the field – and a lot of media coverage and nationwide debate is currently going on. The UK’s Independent recently ran a feature which can be read here).

Jo will travel to Berlin on the 14th December to receive the order in an official ceremony.