Harry Redknapp on the Homeless World Cup: “There’s a real good feeling out there”

Former West Ham, Portsmouth and Spurs manager Harry Redknapp dropped by the Homeless World Cup in Amsterdam today to cheer on England and show his support for all those involved in the tournament.

Redknapp watched from the sidelines as the England’s men took on Poland in the first round of the tournament. Despite the team suffering a 3-6 defeat, he said he enjoyed the game and was impressed with the team’s skills and attitude.

Harry Redknapp with England players at HWC in Amsterdam. Photo: Alex Walker

“I enjoyed it. I think England worked very hard, but Poland just seemed to have that little bit more know-how,” he said after the match.

“They seemed to know how to play the game better and worked the spare man very well but England certainly lacked nothing in effort and endeavour, they were excellent.”

After taking a tour of the three pitches erected in Amsterdam’s historic Museum Square, Redknapp praised the tournament organisers for putting on an excellent event. But what struck him most, he said, was the players themselves.

“There’s a lot of good players here. I watched Scotland play here earlier and they were very skilled. Ireland were excellent. They’re all very good. And they’re all good lads and girls too. They’ve been very respectful.”

He added that the players’ attitudes on and off the pitch were equally commendable.

“The sportsmanship in particular has been great,” he said. “They all shake hands and pick each other up after tackles. There’s a real good feeling out there.

“It really shows you another side to homelessness and gives the players something to work for. I love it, it’s been great.”

Photo: Alex Walker