INSP Membership Standards

INSP street papers are newspapers or magazines whose sales provide socially excluded people with the means to earn an income. INSP reserves the right to refuse or end membership of its network.

INSP street papers should:

1. Align with the following INSP values:

    1. Committed to challenging inequality and social exclusion.
    2. Nurturing creative and innovative approaches to social problems.
    3. Respecting different approaches and perspectives and being committed to learning from each other.
    4. Committed to socially responsible, transparent and ethical operations.
    5. Committed to providing a safe and dignified working environment for people.
    6. Opposed to all forms of unfair and unlawful discrimination.

2. Treat their vendors with dignity and encourage self-help.

3. Ensure that a significant percentage of the cover price of the street paper goes to the vendor.

4. Operate as an independent organisation, social business, NGO or association.

5. Re-invest organisational surplus back into the street paper and/or associated projects that work for the benefit of the vendors and marginalised people.

6. Aim to create a quality and respected publication with high journalistic standards and ethics.

7. Ensure that editorial independence and freedom are not compromised, or dependent on, another organisation or the state.

8. Avoid unnecessary competition with other street papers

9. Display the INSP logo in their street papers and digital platforms.

10. Contribute and give back to the network.

80 of INSP's thousands of vendors