INSP Membership Criteria

All street papers worldwide are encouraged to join INSP. INSP will support new street papers to help them get started. In order to become a full member, street papers must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Papers must be currently publishing, with at least the first edition published.
  • After tax deductions, at least 50% of the cover price of the street paper must go to the vendor, unless an exemption has been agreed with the executive board.
  • Street papers must be based on the principle of self-help; i.e. they must empower vendors and marginalised people to help themselves and re-integrate into society.
  • If street papers are social businesses and aim to make profit, this money must be re-invested back into the street paper and/or associated projects that work for the benefit of the vendors and marginalised people.
  • If street papers do not aim to make profit, they must be independently constituted organisations, non-government organisations or associations.
  • Editorial independence and freedom of a street paper must not be compromised, or dependent on, another organisation or the state.
  • Street papers may not work in an area where there is already an INSP member, unless that INSP member agrees to this.
  • Other INSP members in the same, or neighbouring, country may be asked for recommendations of potential members.
  • All street papers must aim have a fixed price, advertised on the front cover unless an exemption has been agreed with the board.
  • All members must carry the INSP logo in their street papers and associated publicity including their websites.
  • Street papers must agree that if they become members of INSP, they will adhere to the street paper charter.
  • INSP aligns itself to the United Nations Minimum Age Convention when determining the age at which vendors may be permitted to sell a street paper. Practice has indicated this is generally at 18 years, but allowances are made in some countries for 16 years to be the minimum age and depending on conditions in a particular country, the minimum working age may be younger. A paper must conform to the UN Convention rules pertaining to its country.

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