Formerly homeless artist gets first solo photography show in London

Formerly homeless artist David Tovey – who found success with the My London calendar, then with the #manonbench fashion show and Hopeful Traders designer brand – is about to add another milestone to his burgeoning career.

Next week he will stage his first solo exhibition of photography, backed by the Royal Photographic Society.

Photo by David Tovey

“Back in 2013, I found myself living in a car on the streets of London during which time I was extremely ill and close to death,” said David.

“My only solace was my camera which helped me through the toughest time of my life. These images portray some of my experiences and emotions during this time.”

In keeping with his positive attitude and belief in the power of art, David’s show is titled ‘Pulling the positive from the negative’. It runs from 11-19 April in The Magic Gallery in Charing Cross underground station.

Photo by David Tovey

The exhibition is part of a series from RPS “dealing with different aspects of homeless”, which takes over the gallery until the end of April.

RPS said the gallery was chosen as it’s “in an area of London that supports a large homeless population”.

The series also includes a retrospective of the My London calendar project from Cafe Art, which gave David his first break (until 10 April), and an exhibition from fine art photographer Nigel Tooby, which he produced in collaboration with homelessness charity Simon on the Streets (20-29 April).

Read more about the series here.