Final day of the conference: a round up

By Sarah Hayhurst and Nicole O’Neill

Delegates joined together in the morning of the final day of the INSP conference. Sarah Edmonds kicked off the day with her talk about “What Street Papers can tell the World”. Edmonds, General manager for Editorial UK, Ireland and Nordics, Thomson Reuters spoke about the inspiring work of the INSP and the SNS.

Edmonds stated she is a “Devoted fan of what they stand for”. The print industry has declined by 30% and as a result has made it difficult to work with even the basics. Despite this, the INSP work hard to continue to support what they stand for. The main point Edmonds made throughout her speech highlighted the INSP’s mission is not to secure profit for its self but to secure profits for the less fortunate. A mission many papers do not believe in. Another point to consider from this speech is ethical practices such as INSP’s should be part of the DNA of any organisation.

Continuing the morning session Danielle Batist gave a brief introduction to the work of the SNS, mainly for those who had not been properly introduced to the service. Batist encouraged delegates to start, and continue to post articles on the service. The whole idea of the SNS is to work as collective network so that stories can be collaborative and re-used globally, as well as increasing the coverage.

The morning sessions concluded with seven different workshops and feedback following these. All workshops covered different topics but all maintained the idea of expansion and further development of resources we already have.

David Burnett made a presentation regarding his career bringing a different aspect of journalism to the conference. It was a chance for delegates to see how photographers work and their thought process so as to strengthen ties between print and photo journalists a like.

The whole morning focused on globalization, collaboration and development of the INSP and SNS to make it and a more powerful force in the media.