‘Equal Norway’

The first nation-wide edition of =Norge

The Erlik [equal] foundation established Norway’s first street
paper in 2005 with =Oslo. Following the success of their first paper, they quickly expanded to other cities with = Fredrikstad then = Drammen, Buskerud =, =
Østfold = Inland, = Vestfold and Telemark =.

Inspired by the UK’s Big Issue model, the Erlik Foundation
have decided to bring all the titles together and publish under one name, =Norge [Erlik Norway / Equal Norway], with only the their flagship =Oslo retaining its
original title.

It’s hoped that the move will strengthen the brand, thus providing
a more stable working environment for their vendors.  Across the country, =Norge has almost 2,000 vendors. The
papers are sold for 50 Krone, half of which is kept by the vendor.

Street papers have a strong presence in Norway, and aside
from the =Norge group, Stavanger’s
Asfalt’, Bergen’s ‘Megafon’, Trondheim’s ‘Sorgenfri’, Tromsø’s ‘Virkelig’, and
Kristiansand’s Gatemagasinet Klar are all members of the INSP network.