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Please use the upload widget on this page to send content to the INSP team for use in the News Service.

For street papers, the INSP News Service performs a dual role – it is a source of free content (stories, photos, illustrations and infographics) shared among our network, and from the INSP team. It is also a way to reach a worldwide audience with your stories. Thank you to everyone in the network for your continued participation in this unique worldwide news agency.

  • Please submit plain text in Word and pictures in JPEG (highest resolution available). Add the photo credit(s) and caption(s) to the bottom of the Word document. If articles are not in English, please include a few English lines explaining its contents.
  • Make sure all stories have an author name and the headline, as used in the street paper. Plus a (short) intro or standfirst, if available.
  • Save documents and images (photos/illustrations/infographics) as: “Name of paper_Story Title”.
  • Please zip all photos and the text file for each article into one folder and upload using the form on this page.
  • Please try to submit stories regularly: ideally 1 to 4 articles per issue of your paper. (Please try to avoid sending many stories at once. Fewer stories, more often is better.)
  • Please be aware that the INSP News Service publishes most, but not all contributions.

By submitting articles and images to the INSP News Service, you confirm that you have the permission to share these assets for republication in any INSP member paper or their website, and on If you do not wish to share your story through online platforms, you must note this condition on the article or image credit.


News Service submission FAQs

What stories should I submit?
The easy answer is – please share quality stories that you have permission to share. Depending on your own agreements with your writers, this will normally be simple for people you have on staff, but please double-check with freelancers. In our experience, many people are very happy to have the opportunity to support the street paper movement and share their stories with a global audience.

Think of the News Service as a way to further spread your ideas and the best of your writing. Popular stories include: stories about homelessness, stories about street papers and the street paper movement, stories about campaigning, stories about your own projects, interviews with celebrities/leaders/thinkers, photo series, entertainment stories, stories about the environment & climate change, stories about politics, quirky stories.

Street papers are really varied – but one thing we can say is that stories about your vendors will always be welcome!

Stories can be submitted in any of INSP’s 24 languages.

We are also interested in sharing your illustrations, photography and infographics.


















Where will submitted stories appear?
INSP News Service material is made available to all INSP members through the INSP Hub. Some stories will also later be shared publicly through and shared through INSP’s social media platforms. If you do not wish to have a story publicly available through, please let us know in your submission.

Once I submit a story, who can access it?
By submitting articles and images to the INSP News Service you allow republication in any INSP member paper. The articles will be uploaded to the INSP News Service but on that site the full text will only be available to street papers that have a password, as full members of INSP.

Will my stories appear on other street papers’ websites?
Unless you have told us otherwise, your content may be republished on the website of member street papers. If republished online, it will be hyperlinked to your website. INSP will republish a selection of stories on If you are submitting a story to the News Service that you do not wish to be shared on either other street papers’ website or, please let us know.