Explore dozens of this month’s brilliant street paper covers

INSP and Straatnieuws‘ exclusive interview with the Pope graced many street paper covers this month.

The pontiff sat down for a very rare face-to-face interview with Marc, a street paper vendor from the Netherlands, and two journalists. You can read the full interview here, and Marc’s thoughts about the experience (including the Pope’s response to his invitation to grab a pizza) here.

As you can see, Pope Francis was delighted to take time out for street papers!

Elsewhere, StreetWise made excellent use of an INSP News Service/The Big Issue UK Bond story for a striking 007 cover.

Both Surprise and The Big Issue Australia made the most of illustration for a pair of very different, great street paper covers.

Denver Voice‘s cover image comes from Searching for Home, a new exhibit at History Colorado that explores homelessness throughout Colorado’s boom and bust history.

In the image, an unemployed miner sits in a temporary Denver camp after the silver crash of 1893. In an attempt to get the miners out of town, city officials gave them lumber, hoping they would build their own boats and float away down the Platte River.

Lupo Alberto, a popular Italian comic character, is on the cover of Scarp de’ tenis, sitting on the moon, dreaming and wearing tennis shoes, like the homeless man described by Enzo Jannacci in his famous song (after which Scarp de’ tenis is named).

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