Denver VOICE celebrates worldwide street papers

US street paper Denver VOICE celebrates INSP this month with a cover that highlights the international network.

Following the Global Street Paper Summit 2015, editor Sarah Harvey said she was inspired to shine a light on the street paper movement.

“The Denver VOICE is made up of a small staff, so the relationships our INSP membership helps us forge are a key part of our survival. I also love the national and international stories INSP allows us to share with our readers,” she added.


“The INSP Summit is a great reason to update our readers on the impact street papers make around the world. I want Denver VOICE readers to know that, when they buy a paper, they are doing more than helping one vendor. They’re also taking part in a global movement.”

Content inside this special INSP-focused edition of Denver VOICE included a map of all the world’s street papers, profiles of several different street papers, and INSP’s coverage of Seattle’s tent cities.

As with all of INSP’s members, Denver VOICE offers employment opportunities to homeless individuals, empowering people by providing a source of income that can help them work their way out of poverty.

Vendors buy the paper for 50 cents and sell the papers for a suggested donation of $2.

With the help of the paper, many vendors have been able to make enough to get themselves off the streets and into housing.

This edition of Denver VOICE is available to buy now from their vendors in Denver, Colorado.