100% of delegates inspired by Global Street Paper Summit 2016

As the Global Street Paper Summit 2016 came to a close on Thursday, 100% of delegates told INSP that they had been inspired by the programme of talks, workshops and networking in the vibrant city of Athens.

“I had a great and exhausting time,” said Katharina Wasmeier, editor at Strassenkreuzer street paper in Nuremburg, Germany. “I met wonderful people, had an absolute welcome and love my job even more now. I am deeply impressed by the fantastic work all of the others do.”

Global Street Paper Summit 2016 delegates

An incredible 100% of delegates also said they would recommend the summit to other street paper staff, and 100% made useful new contacts.

“It is the best week of the year for street paper leaders,” said Matt Shaw, from Speak Up in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. “It will stir, challenge, inspire and refresh your ideas and spirit.”

The summit was an inspiration factory, with 98% saying they would go back with new ideas.

“It’s very interesting to talk with people who do the same job, in other counties, under different circumstances with different experiences. This is very exciting and educational,” said Sergios Milis, vendor network manager at Greek paper and summit hosts Shedia.

The audience for INSP Talks. Photo: Thanos Levidiotis /

Most people at the summit – 85% of delegates – said that they would go back home and make some changes at their street paper, including new models for distribution, ways of helping vendors and editorial plans.

“It’s the most inspiring conference I’ve ever been too,” said Patrycja Zenker, from Polish street paper Gazeta Uliczna.