Covers, Covers, Covers: We round-up the recent street paper front pages

“The cover and layout are so important to me as a vendor. It must stand out, be colourful and give a message of quality.”

The words of vendor Bernhard Perzanowski, who sells Swedish street paper Faktum, explaining why a captivating cover can really make all the difference when selling on the street.

We recently ran a public vote for the People’s Cover Award to celebrate our 25th anniversary, asking the public to choose their favourite street paper cover from 25 of the most popular covers of recent years.

We crowned the winner last week at the INSP Awards Ceremony – with Slovenia’s Kralji Ulice taking home the top prize.

Kralji Ulice's Jean Nikolic accepts the People's Cover Award in Hannover, Germany. Photo: Selim Korycki.

Over 4,000 votes were received from around the world, including from many countries where there are no street papers currently selling, going to show the power of the street paper movement globally.

Map of countries where votes came from in the People's Cover Award. The yellow countries indicate where votes were received.

Kralji Ulice saw off fierce competition for the top spot. The runner-up was Serbia’s Liceulice, third place went to The Curbside Chronicle from the USA, in fourth place came =Oslo from Norway, and Mexico’s Mi Valedor took fifth.

We also presented the INSP Award for 2019 Best Cover, as voted for by our independent panel of industry expert judges. Canada’s L’Itinéraire scooped the Award for their love and sex edition from last December.

Luc Desjardins of L'Itinéraire accepts the INSP Award for Best Cover. Photo: Selim Korycki.

Read on to discover more street paper front page highlights from the past couple of months. Is the next award-winning cover amongst them…?

Cover Highlights:

Homelessness has been prevalent on the front pages of street papers around the world, bringing this important social issue to our attention once more. The Curbside Chronicle devoted an entire issue to the statistics, solutions and stigmas around homelessness. The Big Issue Australia and StreetWise explored homelessness through Sesame Street and Lily, the first Muppet to experience being homeless. And Street Sense Media reported on the correlation between addiction and homelessness, and how community and housing supports the recovery of addicts.

20er dedicated an edition to violence, and the importance of hearing the voice of the victims. Megaphon explored subjects considered ‘taboo’, such as youth prostitution. And Faktum celebrated a mighty 200th edition!

Look back on our covers series here, and keep an eye out for the next round-up coming in late July.