Collector’s edition a record sell out in South Africa

The Big Issue South Africa’s 2010 Collector’s Edition enjoyed a landslide of sales for the 68-page bumper edition at the end of 2010. The special edition showcased 33 of South Africa’s top writers, thought leaders, photographers, poets and cartoonists, all under the theme of “My Big Issue”, with a foreword by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu. “The overriding reason for bringing out Collector’s Edition a record sell-out The Big Issue’s first ever Collector’s Edition was to give our 400-plus vendors an exceptional product to sell over the festive season, to enable them to earn their own Christmas bonus,” explains Melany Bendix, editor. “The 2010 Collector’s Edition exceeded all expectations, selling out within record time. We definitely achieved the objective of helping vendors boost their income, and we now plan to produce a Collector’s Edition every year.”