Christmas Covers: we unwrap December’s street paper front pages

With Christmas just around the corner, street papers around the world have been getting into the Yuletide spirit and emblazoning their front covers with all things festive!

Before we take a break to eat, drink and be merry, time for a look over the cover highlights for December, as well as some of the other ventures street papers undertake at this time of year to earn their vendors some additional income.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 2017 cover round-ups, and look forward to bringing you more of the best of street paper covers in 2018.

Cover Highlights:

Whether it’s snowmen, reindeer, presents or even Santa Claus himself, all sorts of Christmas cheer has brightened up the covers of street papers around the world as the holiday season approaches. The Big Issue (UK) and Big Issue North both ran competitions for children to design a festive image for their front page. Faktum interviewed Swedish actor and comedian (and father-of-five) Claes Malmberg, who spoke about why he spends Christmas alone. And Surprise‘s Christmas edition was entitled “Vom Himmel hoch” (“From Heaven Above”), with a focus on religion.

December has also brought us a selection of non-Christmas-related covers. Apropos celebrated their 20th anniversary with a special edition and a timeline looking back on their two decades in print. The release of the next blockbuster film in the Star Wars franchise didn’t escape the covers of The Big Issue Korea and The Big Issue (UK). And Street Cat Bob returned to the cover of The Big Issue Japan, wrapped up warm for winter!

Christmas is a good time of year for street papers to offer additional innovations or incentives, to help their vendors to make a little extra income over the holidays. Denver Voice, One Step Away and Street Sense had special wrapping paper covers, featuring wrapping paper inserts that can be used to wrap Christmas gifts.

Norwegian street papers Megafon, =Oslo and Sorgenfri launched their Juleboks for 2017 – special festive books for vendors to sell, featuring personal stories from sellers and buyers of the respective street papers.

And 2018 calendars have been another popular innovation sold by vendors alongside the street paper during the past month. Big Issue North produced a “Vendors and their Dogs” calendar. Megaphone offered portraits from their community with a calendar entitled “Hope in Shadows”. And Faktum‘s calendar told of 12 vendors who’ve had to overcome sudden changes in their lives – “Shit Happens!”.

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