Charity single ‘Living on the Street’ released to help feed Danish vendors

By Laura Smith

A Danish singer songwriter has released a single to support sellers of Hus Forbi, her local street paper, just in time for Christmas.

Lee Dickinson’s charity single, ‘Living on the Street’ was inspired by
the many hours she spent on the street with Hus Forbi vendors last year.

Natasja gets a Christmas kiss from a Hus Forbi vendor

“As a musician and songwriter, I have met many people on the street and in homeless shelters,” said the 37-year-old from Praesto.

“Hearing the magazine sellers’ life stories and experiences inspired my thoughts and lyrics, so I wanted to give something in return.”

The song was released on 1 December through iTunes. All money raised through sales within the first three months will go towards providing meals for people who sell the street magazine across the country.

“A meal not only nourishes them but offers another opportunity for socializing – both are necessary fuel for a life that can be quite hard when one is excluded or homeless,” explained the singer.

“I also wanted to enlighten the Danes about why some people end up on the street – who they are and the story behind their circumstances.”

Natasja is well aware of the importance of street papers and has formed a close friendship with her local Hus Forbi seller, so much so that he often doesn’t want her to pay for the magazine.

“Life on the street is hard and not everyone can cope with it,” added the singer.

“I think selling the magazine prevents loneliness, brings back self-respect and gives vendors a reason to get up in the morning.

“Not only is it a good way to help those in poverty help themselves, it is also a way for society to keep in touch with those who sometimes lose their grip on life.”

You can download Natasja’s single “Living on the Street” on iTunes here.

Photos by Mette Kramer Kristensen during a Christmas lunch held for the Hus Forbi vendors in 2013.