Channel 4’s Jon Snow is the Patron of the Street News Service

INSP is delighted to announce that Jon Snow of Channel 4 News is to be the Street News Service Patron.

Jon Snow is the main presenter of Channel 4 News and has been its face since 1989. He has an interest in homelessness dating back to the 1970s when he worked for the New Horizon Youth Centre, a day centre for young drug addicts in central London. He is now Chair of that organisation.

Speaking of his appointment as SNS Patron, Jon Snow said “As someone who worked with vulnerable and homeless young people before I became a journalist, I strongly support the International Network of Street Papers. INSP’s Street News Service adds strength and depth to the already remarkable development of street papers worldwide. This invaluable movement provides a whole other strand of news and information as well as an income opportunity for homeless people, without which, many would be still more challenged in their daily lives.”

In addition to this exciting new appointment, the Street News Service also welcomes Tom Thomson, Group Managing Editor of the Herald & Times Group, as its Honorary Editor. In this role, he will give his time and expertise to help strengthen the SNS. As part of this commitment he will have regular editorial meetings with SNS Editor Danielle Batist, to discuss ideas for future growth of INSP’s news agency.

Having the support of such exceptional and known members of the UK media will be of great benefit to the Street News Service. It will help to build the profile of the service and attract the attention of the UK public.

The Street News Service was launched to the public last night at an event in Glasgow’s Mitchell Library. Read more.