Scotland confirmed as social enterprise leader in first census

The results of Scotland’s first-ever social enterprise survey (in which INSP participated) were released last week, during the CEIS annual conference in Glasgow.

The research confirms Scotland as a leader in social enterprise, outlining the impressive scale and impact of the sector and helping to explain why it has long been a natural home for the global street paper movement.

INSP has been supporting social enterprise internationally for more than 20 years and The Big Issue launched in Scotland in 1993, making it one of Scotland’s oldest social enterprises.

Some of my favourite census stats:

Fairness, equality & opportunity:

One of the most interesting set of findings for me is around the values and behaviours of social enterprises – none of which come as a huge surprise, but all of which should be a model for other business sectors:

      • 1:2.5 is the average pay differential between the highest and lowest paid employee
      • 60% are led by a woman
      • 68% of social enterprises pay at least the recognised Living Wage
      • 70% report that more than half of their employees are female
      • 52% employ previously unemployed young people


Reactions from delegates:

See the full report here.