Big Issue North Vendor marks Remembrance Day with poem

INSP vendors are talented folk. Macca from Hull often writes for Big Issue North, and today to mark Remembrance Day we share his thoughts about the iconic poppy, a symbol used to commemorate servicemen and woman killed in conflicts since 1914.

Big Issue North vendor Macca Poppy

By Macca – Big Issue North vendor in Hull

A poppy is a symbol
Of a Hundred year pain
A Hundred thousand lives lost
A battle they gave in vain
A poppy is the symbol
Of the heroes that tried
A symbol of hope and glory
To the thousands that died
A poppy is our symbol
Its colour resembles blood
Of all the fallen heroes
Who fought how countrymen should
A symbol of the poppy
Remembers those that died
Hundred thousand soldiers
Who fought with HOPE and PRIDE

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