INSP Awards: best street paper design of 2015/16 revealed

All this week on, we will be revealing the longlisted entries for the editorial categories of the INSP Awards.

This year, across eight of our 11 categories, we have received 236 entries, from 39 street papers. For two of the remaining categories – Best News Feature and Best Cultural Feature – our longlists are drawn from hundreds of submissions to the INSP News Service. The final award, the Special INSP News Service Award goes to the story that has been published in the most street papers this year.

Today we unveil the top ten in the Best Design category (presented below, in alphabetical order). These will now go forward to the first of our international design panels, who will decide our finalists. We will announce the finalists in May.

If you’d like to leave a comment to tell us which is your favourite design – and why you like it – we’d be delighted to present these comments to our panels.

The ultimate winners of all awards will be announced in June at the Global Street Paper Summit and, of course, right here.

The Big Issue Taiwan

“The simplicity and clearness of our design always leave a remarkable impression on the audience, making our street vendors’ image extraordinarily clear and impressive.”

The Curbside Chronicle, USA

“We strive to make a magazine that our vendors are proud of and feel included in. We also aim to make a magazine that our customers find visually appealing, educational, and worth the $2 cover price.”


= Oslo, Norway

“In June 2015, = Oslo celebrated our first ten years on the street. On the front page of our 100-page anniversary edition, we chose a grandmother with a birthday cake.”


Liceulice, Serbia

“Since we are promoting new ideas, marginalised groups, topics, giving the space in the magazine to those who cannot (or do not want to) reach commercial media, we have developed voluntary collaborations with young, unknown designers from all over the Balkans.”


Megaphon, Austria


Mi Valedor, Mexico

“The idea behind our design has stayed the same: each publication revolves around an abstract theme than can be viewed and understood differently by anyone who lives in Mexico City. We act as a communicator of little details we all observe and often take for granted in such an eclectic city.”


Scarp de’ tenis, Italy

“The main characteristic of Scarp de’ tenis’ new graphic design is the new logo on the cover. A pointer icon with a stylised shoe inside which seems to say to readers: ‘we are here’. A pointer icon which says to those people who need to find a new opportunity for life: ‘we are here especially for you’.”


Sorgenfri, Norway

“I have tried to find a good balance between the rough and the classic, but most important: to strengthen the element of dignity for the vendors.”


Speak Up, USA

“We believe that rich images, liberal use of white space, and welcoming type creates an invitation for readers and leads to a more immersive and personal reading experience.”


StreetWise, USA

“I wanted it to be so bold that it can’t be dismissed as a throw-away.”


Come back tomorrow – and every day this week – to discover more of the longlisted entries for the 2016 INSP Awards.