Awesome August Artwork: A month of impressive street paper covers

August brought us the 2017 Global Street Paper Summit in Manchester – and we were delighted to see such a vast and eclectic range of street paper publications all in one place.

Street papers on display at #INSP2017. Image by Rebecca Lupton.

Street papers from around the world were shared amongst international colleagues, and lots of cover ideas and inspiration came from the impressive collection of papers put on display by summit delegates.

The Best Cover award was also announced as part of this year’s INSP Awards – and congratulations goes to Liceulice for their well-deserved win!

Nikoleta Kosovac (left) and Marko Tomasevic (right) collect their award from Serge Lareault (centre). Photo by: Rebecca Lupton. Right: Winning Liceulice cover.

Highlighting an issue that is still prevalent in Serbian society, Liceulice wanted to bring attention to the often-ignored topic of domestic violence. The judging panel called the cover courageous, and felt the bold design would have drawn attention on the streets.

Here’s our round-up of the best of August’s street paper covers…

Cover Highlights:

We’ve had some special editions out this past month. Frank Turner was the Big Issue North cover star for the week of the INSP Global Street Paper Summit, and headlined the Street Noise gig that formed part of a cracking week of Mancunian hospitality for our delegates. The Big Issue Australia‘s bumper Fiction Special hit the streets, an annual edition now in its 13th year. And The Contributor brought us their Back to School issue – with a unique colour-in cover!

Love triumphed for our covers this month too. Aurora da Rua brought us an issue dedicated to stories about solidarity and love for each other. The Big Issue reflected on “The Summer of Love and Hate”, looking back at the riots on the streets of Detroit 50 years ago. And Toledo Streets were “Desperately Searching for our Summer of Love”, as they discussed thoughtful ways to confront racism.

As ever with the street paper network, we’ve also seen some impressive illustrations gracing August’s covers too. The Big Issue took us back to our childhoods here at INSP HQ, with children’s TV favourite Mr Benn celebrating his 50th anniversary as a British cartoon icon. Denver Voice brought us a look at life through the eyes of their vendors, with images they captured themselves on film. And Big Issue North and Hus Forbi both featured artwork by homeless vendors on their covers.

Another month of creative street paper covers – we look forward to seeing what September will bring! Take a look back at some of our former cover highlights here.