Tony Inglis

Tony Inglis
Tony is INSP's Content & Editorial Officer.

News posts by Tony Inglis:

Scottish school pupils collaborate with The Big Issue to create, and sell, a special edition of the street paper

The Big Issue has teamed up with the Social Enterprise Academy bringing together pupils from Scottish schools to put together a special edition of the street paper. The magazine, which gave the young people a platform to raise awareness about the social issues they care most about, is now being sold by the kids at their respective schools, and has been included as a supplement in the current edition being sold by vendors.

INSP launches North American Bureau to give regional support to street papers in the US, Canada and Mexico

INSP has launched a new initiative to help support street paper members situated in the US, Canada and Mexico. The North American Bureau will be led by the former executive director of Street Roots and backed by Seattle street paper Real Change.

#VendorWeek 2019: Mi Valedor celebrates its vendors with food, check-ups and its readers

Mexican street paper Mi Valedor has multiple #VendorWeek activities planned throughout the annual celebration, including traditional food, an opportunity to get their eyes tested, and meeting up with members of the public to show them exactly what it’s like to be a street paper vendor.

#VendorWeek 2019: L’Itinéraire throws doors open to the public for second year running

Montréal street paper L’Itinéraire opened its doors to readers, partners, and any other interested members of the public, for yet another ‘Journée Portes Ouverts’ (Open Doors Day) to celebrate #VendorWeek.

Seattle street paper Real Change has work highlighted in local media

Seattle street paper Real Change, which turns 25 this year, has put millions of dollars into the pockets of some of the city’s poorest residents — and has no intention of stopping any time soon. Spurred by its 25th anniversary, and its successful forays into solving the problems that an increasingly cashless society poses to street paper vendors, Sandi Doughton, a writer at The Seattle Times’ Pacific NW magazine, spent some time around Real Change’s staff and vendors.

#VendorWeek 2019: Notable figures face off in street paper selling challenge for Big Issue North

Big Issue North’s #VendorWeek celebrations enlisted notable political figures, musicians and sports stars to face off against each other alongside street paper vendors in a selling challenge over the course of the week.

#VendorWeek 2019: Real Change captures Seattle public’s imagination with #WheresStone challenge

Seattle street paper Real Change celebrated #VendorWeek by putting on a Big Sell event on Wednesday. But there was a twist: Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard was selling street papers with vendor Darrell Wrenn somewhere in the city, but could you follow the clues to find them? The challenge caught the imagination of everyday Seattleites.

#VendorWeek 2019: Slovenia’s Kralji Ulice captures snapshots of vendors

Slovenian street paper Kralji Ulice, based in Ljubljana, placed the focus directly on its vendors by taking their photograph and pairing the result with their answers to varied questions, from their goals for the year ahead, to their sales technique.

#VendorWeek 2019: Lice v Lice promotes the work of street paper vendors through Macedonian parliament

Macedonian street paper Lice v Lice got in on the #VendorWeek 2019 celebrations with a number of coinciding activities culminating in members of the Macedonian Assembly selling magazines on the streets with vendors.

#VendorWeek 2019: Celebrating 9000 vendors selling street papers in 35 countries

As always, the first week of February sees the street paper network mark #VendorWeek, an annual celebration of those people central to the street paper mission – vendors! Find out about a selection of what’s going on.

The Big Issue launches first ever augmented reality street paper edition

To kick off 2019, UK street paper The Big Issue is implementing cutting edge augmented reality technology with an edition of the magazine to create an interactive reading experience, allowing Big Issue vendors to tell their important stories of experiencing homelessness directly to readers, as well as much more.

Italian street paper Scarp de’ tenis comes to the small screen in new documentary series

This week, Italian broadcasting network TV2000 will air a four-episode documentary series celebrating the work of Italian street paper Scarp de’ tenis, the lives of its vendors and those who work with homeless people in their daily lives. The show is gaining national interest thanks to the participation of film star Giacomo Poretti, who presents with “irony and a lightness of touch”.