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Street papers respond to President Trump’s homelessness comments

Last week, US President Donald Trump made comments about homelessness that garnered some bewildered reactions. Homelessness is an issue rarely spoken on by Trump. But a community of people who know a thing or two about homelessness in the US are street paper staff and vendors. A selection of them, from Portland’s Street Roots and Washington, D.C.’s Street Sense, had their say.

Introducing Peatón – Peru’s first street paper

Last weekend marked the first time a street paper was sold on the streets of Peru. The first edition of Peatón was sold by the fledgling organisation’s first two vendors, Olga and Eremia, in Piura, a city located in north-western Peru. Peatón is a brand new member of INSP, and joins a contingent of Latin American street papers hailing from Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. INSP spoke to Peatón founder Jorge Ledesma to find out more about the project.

Surviving through trauma: Sara Kruzan on trafficking, her incarceration, freedom and activism

After being trafficked into sex slavery, and emotionally and physically abused for much of her childhood, Sara Kruzan killed her abuser and was sentenced to life without parole. After fighting for her release, Kruzan has dedicated her freedom to advocating for the rights of young children put in similarly impossible situations. She spoke to INSP as she addressed an audience in Edinburgh about her work.

#INSP25: In conversation with INSP co-founder Mel Young and current INSP chair Fay Selvan

On the first day of this year’s Global Street Paper Summit, current INSP chair Fay Selvan was joined in conversation by INSP co-founder, first ever chair, former honorary president, and co-founder of the Homeless World Cup, Mel Young, for a wide-ranging discussion about the past, present and future of the street paper movement as INSP turns 25. The conversation was moderated by Hannele Huhtala, editor-in-chief of Finnish street paper Iso Numero. The full transcript is now available.

Glasgow pays tribute to much-loved Big Issue vendor Paul Kelly

After news of his death broke early last week, tributes began to pour in for popular Big Issue vendor Paul Kelly. Today at his pitch, outside Sainsbury’s supermarket on the city’s main shopping street Buchanan Street, where flowers, messages and mementos had sprung up in his absence, a crowd of people joined friends, colleagues, and others who had been touched by his character and presence, for a vigil in his memory.

#INSP2019: Analyst Ray Serrato shows delegates how extremist sentiment in disparate countries is being stoked using social media

The final day of #INSP2019 saw social media analyst Ray Serrato address delegates about social issues in countries such as Germany, Pakistan and Myanmar and how extremist and inflammatory sentiment is being spread using social media channels like Facebook and YouTube.

#INSP2019: Social entrepreneur Orit Kopel addresses delegates on fake news, Wiki-based journalism and raising women’s voices

The #INSP2019 day two speaker was social entrepreneur Orit Kopel, a freedom of expression advocate and co-founder of Wiki-based news platform WikiTribune. She spoke to attending street paper delegates about the prevalence of fake news, community-sourced journalism and her new project, Glass Voices, a social enterprise looking to train women in public speaking to ensure a new generation of women who are given the opportunity to be heard in business.

INSP at 25: Past, present and future of the street paper network onstage at #INSP2019

A jam-packed first day of the 2019 Global Street Paper Summit saw three generations of street paper network figures take to the stage in Hannover as INSP chair Fay Selvan and co-founder of INSP Mel Young joined in conversation, facilitated by Hannele Huhtala, editor-in-chief of Finnish street paper Iso Numero.

Street paper delegates tour Hannover’s social services at #INSP2019

A group of street paper delegates attending the 2019 Global Street Paper Summit in Hannover were given the opportunity to take a tour of three of the city’s most innovative social projects. INSP tagged along on the visit, and spoke to delegates.

INSP launches 2019 Global Street Paper Summit with showcase of FreshSight consultancy project and Membership Benefits Catalogue

INSP launched the 2019 Global Street Paper Summit in Hannover by focusing on the value of being a member of its global network, with help from student-led consultancy agency FreshSight.

#INSP2019: Hannover town hall exhibitions portray experiences of German homeless community in two very different eras

Ahead of the welcome reception to officially kick off the 2019 Global Street Paper Summit, attending delegates were able to view two fascinating, and contrasting, exhibitions: ‘My Hannover’, a series of street photography taken by the city’s homeless population, and ‘Homelessness during the National Socialist dictatorship’, which provides insight into the plight of the homeless community under the Nazi party.

#INSP2019, Asphalt and Hannover: Learning about Summit hosts from its vendors

A group of #INSP2019 delegates were lucky enough to learn about Hannover’s homelessness situation from host street paper, Asphalt, and one of its vendors, Thomas. Delegates visited the Asphalt office, learning about its processes and were given a tour of social spots important to those living on the streets of Hannover.