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UK street papers sold in stores for first time in response to coronavirus crisis

UK street papers The Big Issue and Big Issue North will, for the first time, be sold in select shops and supermarkets across the country in response to the effects of the crisis caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. Vendors of both magazines had been advised to no longer sell on the streets after the UK government enforced lockdown measures in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus.

Street papers adapt to a new reality: coronavirus and a world in lockdown

As the world reacts to the outbreak of COVID-19, street papers are having to adapt to an environment of social distancing and isolation, a situation not conducive to selling street papers in the traditional way – by vendors on the street. They are now facing up to the challenge of how to continue providing a livelihood for those that rely on them. Supported by a global network, they are coming up with innovative ways to keep going.

As coronavirus outbreak worsens, street papers and their staff respond

With coronavirus cases across the world now at well over 100,000, Italy is in lockdown and the US west coast is bearing the brunt of Covid-19’s appearance in America. INSP spoke again with street paper staff about the effect it is having on their organisations and vendors, with particular attention given to how staff are assisting vendors to stay safe and healthy.

How the coronavirus outbreak is affecting street paper vendors

Coronavirus – or Covid-19 – has spread to multiple countries with street paper representatives, including Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Italy. INSP is gathering information about how measures by governments and the medical community, and the reaction of the general public, are affecting street paper vendors in those locations.

A look inside Shedia Home

INSP went to Athens to visit Greek street paper Shedia as all its projects have come together in the culmination of a long-gestating dream. The result is Shedia Home.

#VendorWeek 2020: Sharing space with Big Issue vendors

INSP recently moved office, and now shares a space with The Big Issue. During #VendorWeek, we chatted to Anabel – who has been selling The Big Issue only as long as INSP has been office neighbours with the Glasgow-based street paper – about getting involved and what the magazine means for her.

#VendorWeek 2020: A presidential meeting in North Macedonia

Lice v Lice vendors walked the corridors of power within the Assembly of North Macedonia for a special meeting with the country’s president Stevo Pendarovski, and motion by lawmakers to recognise the street paper’s work, to mark #VendorWeek.

A day of “closeness and conviviality” in Lisbon as CAIS celebrates #VendorWeek 2020

The Portuguese street paper celebrated #VendorWeek with a gathering of all its 40 vendors in the capital city of Lisbon.

#VendorWeek 2020: The Big Issue Australia’s annual CEO Selling event returns

Each year, one of the most trusted and oft replicated #VendorWeek events is a ‘Big Sell’, which brings together notable names and vendors to share in the experience of selling a street paper. In Australia, The Big Issue asks business leaders and entrepreneurs to become vendors for the week, and this year is no different.

#VendorWeek 2020: Surprise’s pitch perfect poster campaign

Swiss street paper Surprise teamed up with a lucrative local ad agency for #VendorWeek transforming pitch locations into bold, eye-catching billboards to draw more attention to vendors out selling street papers.

#VendorWeek 2020: A global celebration of street paper vendors

As always, the first week of February sees the street paper network mark #VendorWeek, an annual celebration of those people central to the street paper mission – our vendors!

Big Issue Japan vendor Toshihiko Sakata to his 25-year-old self: “Your future is as deep, vast, and full of hidden potential as the Pacific Ocean”

To mark the end of INSP’s 25th anniversary year, we have been asking vendors across the street paper network to write a letter to their 25-year-old self. This is the final instalment in the #VendorLetters series, and features veteran Big issue Japan vendor Toshihiko Sakata writing lyrically about his life.