Laura Smith

Laura Smith
Laura Smith was INSP's former Editorial Officer. She is a former intern with INSP and has also been an online journalist with STV.

News posts by Laura Smith:

Success of unique cooperative newspaper proves “truth still sells” in Greece

How many journalists does it take to produce one of Greece’s most trusted and successful daily newspapers? The editor of Efimerida ton Syntakton (The Journalists’ Paper) explains how his unique cooperative of over 100 journalists is thriving in Greece.

Vendors’ pitches turned into offices for viral #BossNotBum campaign

This fantastic awareness-raising campaign from The Contributor in Nashville highlights a very important point about street paper vendors.

“Aussie team spirit” for Big Issue’s Socceroos at Homeless World Cup

In the midst of the tournament, we learn how The Big Issue Australia helped seven players bring the infectious “Aussie team spirit” to the Homeless World Cup in Glasgow. The experience has already rendered goalkeeper Shannon “speechless”.

“We need to be brave”: street paper response to refugee crisis

During a panel discussion on the global refugee crisis, those on the frontline in Greece urged street papers to use their unique position in the media to put a human face on crisis and encourage solidarity.

What do street paper readers want? #INSP2016 answers

This week at the INSP summit in Athens, street paper leaders from the UK, Denmark and Greece discussed their different techniques for building readership and engaging new audiences.

VIDEO: Head of Greek newspaper cooperative expresses solidarity with street papers

Our closing keynote in Athens this week was a truly inspiring address by Nicholas Voulelis, director of Greece’s top independent newspaper Efimerida ton Syntakton [The Journalists’ Paper].

Street papers agree key to successful campaigns lies with vendors

Today in Athens, INSP delegates agreed that putting vendors at the heart of campaigns can have maximum impact in influencing change and challenging perceptions.

VIDEO: Emotional start to powerful INSP Talks in Athens

An emotional and inspiring start to the very first INSP Talks at the Global Street Paper Summit saw keynote speaker Cynthia Hellen and INSP delegates champion empowering vulnerable communities through sustainable and innovative social entrepreneurship.

INSP Awards 2016 winners revealed in Athens

The winners of the INSP Awards 2016 were announced tonight in Athens during a glamorous celebration of excellence and innovation in street papers worldwide. Discover who took home the top awards.

Grassroots social enterprises in Athens help feed Greeks on the breadline

Across Greece, many people rely on grassroots organisations to put food on their tables. Today at the INSP Summit, we heard how three leading social enterprises – Wise Greece, Boroume and Myrtillo – are making a difference.

Athens welcomes international delegates to INSP Global Street Paper Summit

Against the odds, INSP was thrilled to launch the 2016 Global Street Paper Summit 2016 in Athens today alongside our co-hosts, Shedia. The city officially welcomed INSP’s 120 international delegates in the grand surrounding of Athens City Hall.

INSP Awards: street paper finalists for Best Online Presence

Like all print media, cultivating a strong online presence is becoming increasingly important for the world’s street papers. Meet our four tech-savvy finalists for Best Online Presence.