INSP News Service

The INSP News Service is one of our key member services, providing editorial support to street papers to build their capacity and quality, and increase vendors’ sales. These highlights from our weekly members' news feed demonstrate the talent working in the street paper movement.

News posts by INSP News Service:

Vendor moments 2017: “At least the job makes me feel like a normal person”

For many street paper vendors, getting the opportunity to sell the paper us a lifeline. For Long-Zhu, Li, in Taiwan, this is no different, and his sales figures for the past year are his proudest achievement of 2017.

Our vendors: Gerald (Hinz&Kunzt, Hamburg, Germany)

Gerald is a Hinz&Kunzt vendor who sells the magazine from his pitch in front of the Haspa Spitalerstraße in Hamburg. He tells us about his difficult childhood, years spent in prison and his dreams of becoming a chef.

Vendor moments 2017: “I am looking forward to pursuing my dreams”

Hristo’s year as a Faktum vendor, and Bulgarian immigrant, has been taken up by his quest to find steady work. Despite the bureaucratic obstacles put in front of him, Hristo remains optimistic.

Vendor moments 2017: “This year was like heaven and hell”

As 2017 draws to a close, we asked vendors across the global street paper network to look back on the highs and lows of their year. Helmut sells Austrian street paper Kupfermuckn and, for him, 2017 has been a year of extreme highs and lows.

Vendor moments 2017: “My heart was filled with pride, I felt heard, grateful and honoured to be part of it all”

Despite struggling with a knee injury, Isaias, a Mi Valedor vendor in Mexico, has had quite an eventful year. Looking back on 2017, he tells us about the moments that made him feel proud as well as what it feels like to become famous!

Vendor moments 2017: “I went through a lot in the past year. That was the challenge and I won. I beat that battle”

Sherika and Brian, from Philadelphia street paper One Step Away, tell us about their year and how selling the paper has had a positive impact on their lives.

Our vendors: Hadassha (Mi Valedor, Mexico City, Mexico)

Becoming a Mi Valedor vendor has given Hadassha hope: hope that she can resist despair and move towards a more hopeful future. Here, she reflects on her life and talks about the lifeline that selling the magazine has offered her.

Vendor moments 2017: “I have tried to open myself”

Slobodan and Milutin, Liculice vendors in Serbia, talk about love, life and phobias as they reflect on their year.

Vendor moments 2017: “People’s understanding surprises me every day”

Here at INSP, to celebrate Christmas and the end of another year, we’re talking to vendors about how 2017 panned out for them. Carlos, at Portuguese street paper CAIS, has been on the search for a permanent home, and is optimistic about the year to come.

Vendor moments 2017: “I felt like Elvis when he visited the White House”

As 2017 draws to a close, we asked vendors across the global street paper network to look back on the highs and lows of their year and reveal their hopes and aspirations for the next one. First up is Jean-Claude, a L’Itinéraire vendor.

Our vendors: Allan C (The Big Issue, Melbourne, Australia)

Allan is a long-time vendor who has been selling The Big Issue in Melbourne for 20 years. Here, he talks about his Aboriginal background, struggles with addiction and how his spirits are lifted through the power of song.

Our vendors: Marvin (StreetWise, Chicago, USA)

Martin sells StreetWise in downtown Chicago, where he enjoys building bonds with his customers. Here, he talks about the challenges and pleasures of his work as a vendor, and how selling the magazine is helping him embrace a positive future.