Asfalt vendor Kjetil: “You’re too young, too head strong – come on”

INSP has been asking vendors from across the street paper network to write letters to their 25-year-old self to mark the end of INSP’s 25th anniversary year. 53-year-old Asfalt vendor Kjetil sees most of his life so far through the prism of his musical talent and the rock star life he once led.

Kjetil Johnsen

You took your guitar and got on a plane to Seattle at the age of 25. In the USA, hopefully your music career would get up to speed. The experience with drugs was already there, and together with your friend you soon discovered that the heroin was thick as tar in Seattle, and – boom! You were hooked. I would tell you not to be so cocky. A lot of good musicians went down the drain because of heroin, and you were no better. The world was easy back then, and you were always told you had a talent for songwriting. If you had seen a picture of what you look like now, you would have thought, “I’m as rock ‘n’ roll as a 53-year-old as I am now!”

Asfalt vendor Kjetil Johnsen

I was only a musician at the age of 25, and have only experience in giving advice to other musicians. You’re too young, too head strong – come on. Don’t follow my footsteps: you end up shot at, stabbed and beaten before you get out of bed. Run while you can. And dress as you please, wear whatever you want! Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself, is this me today? Seize the day.

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