An ‘exciting year’ for Apropos, Austria

So Many Roads 
created by Apropos’s vendors
Our fellow paper Apropos in Salzburg, Austria has written to INSP to share their highlights of year 2012. 

Apropos is happy to say that re-lanuch of their paper has been a success and “only received positive feedback”. The paper also celebrated its 15th anniversary this year and is now printed in full colour.

Their vendors have done some remarkable work too: a book “So Many Roads” written and photographed by 32 vendors of the paper has been published. It is the third literature book produced by Apropos. Most of the vendor authors recited their contribution to the book in front of 120 audiences at the Apropos’s 15th birthday event.

Even more, Apropos’s activities went beyond publication.  For migrant vendors, the paper started to run German language lessons twice a week.

However, they also had sad news. Apropos was overcome with grief when their three longstanding vendors, Ernst Wallner, John Scheirl and Hermann Pichler passed away in March.

Finally, the paper gives its wishes to every member of INSP.

“We wish all of you a merry Christmas and all the best for 2013. We will be looking foward to seeing see you at the conference in Munich.” – Michaela Gründler, Anja Eichinger, Hans Steininger from Apropos