Ad campaign offers homeless sleeping spots as hotel rooms

Have you seen that new hotel advert? Not yet? Then we’ve posted it here for you.

This is a new campaign launched by Swedish street paper Faktum
in collaboration with ad agency Forsman & Bodenfors. Thanks to
them, you can now “book” ten sites where homeless people might sleep in
Gothenburg, Sweden for $10 a night just like any other hotel room. The
booking fees will go towards the work of the paper that helps homeless
and marginalised people.

Looking at these dilapidated, wet and cold spots as hotel rooms, you realise this is
nonsense: why would you want to stay in a “room” – it’s merely an old,
smudged and bare mattress- right under the football stadium benches? No
one does, you might say and so do the rest of us.

Book it for yourself or as a gift. It’s up to you. Support the campaign and help people get out of these places. You can make booking via their website in Swedish or English.