A holiday message from L’Itinéraire’s Daniel Grady

By Daniel Grady, L’Itinéraire vendor

It’s that time of year again. Another one’s gone by. Are we where we thought we’d be at the end of 2021? I’m not. This is not at all what I’d expected coming through the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this holiday season, I find myself once again really reflecting on what’s important and what keeps me going when the world seems to be constantly upside down. I always come back to L’Itinéraire, my regular customers, and my support groups. These are what keep me grounded.

My customers mean a lot to me. By purchasing L’Itinéraire from me, they help me maintain my livelihood. By chatting with me on a regular basis, they help me feel a sense of belonging. This keeps my spirits up and gives me a lot of encouragement to keep selling the magazine and to stay positive about life in spite of obstacles.

I also appreciate my support groups. I meet with people who share some of the same challenges as I do. We help each other stay on track with our goals. This too gives me a sense of belonging.

I am grateful to have had L’Itineraire in my life for over 15 years. It has given me a chance to work and has been a secure place for me when I’ve needed it.

As this is the holiday season, it’s a good time to express appreciation for one another and what we have. I’m sending a special thanks to all my faithful customers. “Merci beaucoup mes amis.” If you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or in any other faith, I wish you all a joyful time with friends and family. May your year 2022 get better, and I hope that whatever you believe in life, that it provides you with the encouragement to stay positive and optimistic.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!