2011 International Street Paper Awards

Welcome to the 2011 INSP Street Paper Awards! From 7:30pm onwards we will be tweeting the event LIVE – so stay tuned and be the first to know who are the winners of the night.

We will also be tweeting the best quotes, gaffes, winning speeches and who has the best dance moves! Enjoy!

Tweets from @street_news:
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Winner in category Best Feature: Dener Voice with The Resolute Shepherd at #insp2011 Awards!
#insp2011 and the winner for best cover is…kupfermuckn “social benefits body scanner”!
#insp2011 best interview, a very difficult choice, presented by Tom Thompson: One Step Away, “fighting back”
#insp2011 David Burnett presents the Best Photograph award.”i’m so happy to be here tonight. It was a very difficult choice”
#insp2011 Best photograph: Asphalt “Trapped Nations”. Magazine gives out the photographer’s phone number – he is available for hiring!
#insp2011 Probably our most important award of the night, the Best Vendor Essay: Sebastiao Nicomedes, OCAS, Brazil.”a clear winner”
#insp2011 Rosi from OCAS brings a message from Sebastiao, the street paper vendor
#insp2011 Best Design award goes to… The Big Issue in Scotland and Megafon!!! Joined prize!!
#insp2011 External Press Award goes to O Trecheiro (Brazil)!!
#insp2011 amazing video from O Trecheiro thanking the award!
#insp2011 outstanding contribution to the international street paper movement: L’itineraire!
#insp2011 family photo!!
Photos from the 2011 INSP awards are now online! #insp2011
#insp2011 Conference has come to an end. Safe travels everyone and see you next year!