12th anniversary for Hecho en Bs As

Since its launch in 2000, Hecho en Bs As has helped over 3,300 people homeless to earn an income. To celebrate its 12th anniversary, HBA asked 12 vendors what the project means to them.

HBA allows me to work and be responsible for myself and I like that. ~ José María, 47
My life has changed since I began selling HBA: For the first time I can rent a place to stay. ~ Claudia, 42 
To me, the most important thing is the social side of selling HBA – the environment, the reality and the people. ~ Horacio, 40
What I like is the contact with people. I like creating a good atmosphere and having good conversations. ~ Mariano, 26
I always thank the magazine for getting me off the street. ~ Jorge, 51
The readers are all very friendly. I always praise the magazine to my customers, but most already appreciate how good it is and that I do very important work. ~ Mirta, 43
Being HBA vendor improved my quality of life – it helps me pay the rent, buy food and clothes, and look after myself. ~ David, 31
HBA has made ​​me appreciate everything I have. ~ Pablo, 27
Selling HBA gives you joy – you’re doing something useful for you and for others. ~ María Rosa, 49
The HBA magazine means that I feel part of a useful project. ~ Cristian, 31
I was in a really bad placebefore, but since I started selling the magazine I have been much better. I love selling HBA – I feel free. ~ Amadeo, 47
It’s very interesting to be a part of this project, it teaches you to value things, to have discipline and order, and it also gives you freedom. ~ Luis, 27