INSP News Service

INSP’s news service is one of our key member benefits, providing editorial support to street papers to build their capacity and quality, and increase vendors’ sales.

In 2016/7 we made more than 1,200 articles available through our news service. 84% of our members published almost half a million pounds worth of content free of charge, including 1,499 stories and more than 3,000 images.

Our team of 150 volunteer translators translated 271 articles in 24 languages for our street papers. We also provided free content to three start-up street papers to help them compile their first editions.

Read about hitting our 1 million word download milestone.

INSP’s own journalists report on issues that affect the network, as well as arts and culture. If you have a story that we should be covering, please get in touch.

“Without the News Service, we wouldn’t be able to provide our readers and supporters with such comprehensive and global coverage in our editions. The News Service allows us to round out our content with excellently-produced pieces and photography, and inspires us to ‘up our game’ so we can eventually produce pieces to submit and give back a portion of the valued service we appreciate.”

Amanda Faith Zuehlke, Managing Editor, Toledo Streets (USA)


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