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Launched in 2013, 'International Street Paper Vendor Week' is an annual event which takes place during the first week in February. It is an international programme of events and activities celebrating street paper vendors, championing their entrepreneurial spirit and challenging perceptions of poverty and homelessness.

This year, the event ran from 4th - 10th February. Here is a snapshot of Vendor Week 2013 in numbers:

  • Vendors: Around 8,000 vendors benefitted from Vendor Week activities and publicity.
  • Street papers: A total of 46 street papers in 20 countries participated in the events.
  • Street paper readers: The combined street paper editorial coverage on Vendor Week reached nearly 700,000 readers.
  • Social Media: Vendor Week also had a wide-reaching social media impact. In addition to our own social media promotion, our street papers made around 360 unique posts about Vendor Week,leading to a further 3500 interactions ('likes', 'shares', 'retweets', 'favourites'). Total social media coverage reached a combined audience of over 200,000 people.
  • Media coverage: Media coverage of Vendor Week 2013 reached over 2.8 million people via at least 73 different media outlets. [This figure includes media analysis data from participating street paper The Big Issue Australia. Most other participating street papers do not access to media analysis services, so we estimate that the total international media reach is far higher].

The map below gives a snapshot of activities around the world and you can check out the INSP blog for coverage of the 2013 event. You can also view our report here and view media coverage here

View Vendor Week: Mapped in a larger map

2013 supporters:

Awards for All - Scotland

Glasgow Life

Glasgow City Council

Strathclyde Business School

Unity Trust Bank

999 Design

Glasgow's Regeneration Agency

The Merchants House of Glasgow

Yorkshire and Clydesdale Bank Foundation